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Monday, January 30, 2012

Illustration tips

This is a study material for NIFT creative ability test. This chapter is a continuation from Elements of Art/Design. I have also attached a word file were the basic illustration tips are explained in detail. Download it for free using the link below!

Click here to download elaborate and detailed study material

Chapter 1 << Chapter 2 >> Chapter 3 >> Chapter 4

Basic Illustration tips - The seven magic words of sketching



Saturday, January 28, 2012

Elements of Art/Design

The NIFT entrance exam is not more than 15 days away and I have been getting numerous e-mails on solving CAT. I decided to write 10 blogposts over the next few days in order to help out those who feel difficulty with CAT section. I hope this helps you all! ALL THE BEST!

The first topic is a theory topic, something boring to start off with. One really needs to understand the elements of art to understand the impact that a certain element can create. For example diagonal lines appear undecided, unstable, busy, active, dynamic, restless, dramatic, sporty, lengthening, and reduce horizontal or vertical shapes. Often a diagonal line needs opposing diagonal to appear balanced. I have also attached a pdf file on the same. Hope this article helps you.

You can also read this (Elements of Design in FASHION) article I wrote long time back to understand the elements of art and how it is used in fashion.

P.S. I have tried to make this post as simple with minimal text, hence less bull shit! I understand that we NIFTians don't like theory stuff :D Do go through this pdf file (which I have also attached below) and the Elements of Design in FASHION for better understanding.
Study Material for Creative Ability Test


Now every one knows what a line is. The path which connects two points. Lines can be straight, vertical, horizontal, curve, zig-zag, angular etc.

Shape is a 2-d area. The shape can be geometric, abstract, organic etc.

It is nothing but the 3-D projection of the shape. Like shape, form can also be geometric or organic.

Value is the lightness or darkness and may refer to the way colour is used.

Understand the colour wheel. Understanding of warm, cool and neutral colours and their usage.

Roughness or smoothness of a surface.

Positive Space is created by objects that are seen as a main element appearing to be in front of the background.
Negative Space is the area that surrounds the shapes.
A well known example of positive and negative space.



Milan Fashion Week –Menswear Fall Winter 2012

Author: Sylefluid Trendz

Milan Fashion Week for Fall Winter 2012 Menswear was definitely a trend setter in many ways. Milan was a revival of classic, military and luxurious fashion with a strong essence of Edwardian era in the world of men’s fashion . In a way or other, Milan Fashion Week sent a strong message to all the boys that Fall Winter 2012 is all about celebrating the gentlemen in you.Here is a pick on some of my favourites from the week.

1. Dolce & Gabbana – The collection was just the right example of luxury. One could see a strong influence of traditional East European & Matador style embroidery on coats and jackets.The sleek lines and classic masculine tailoring with gold embellishments on the sleeves and lapels were dramatic, stylish and truly classic.

2. Bottega Veneta – Tomas Maier opted for geometry in his silhouettes for Fall Winter 2012 collection.The clothes are a fine example of contrast and compliments male body to the fullest.Some of the key pieces of the collection were short jackets that can make any men look taller, skinny trousers that extends the legs,sports jackets and leather coats.The collection in innovative fabrics also played around with color blocking. Indeed a ultraluxurious collection .

3. Burberry Prorsum – With its entourage of fitted suits,heritage trench,mustard-tipped trenches, two and three button wool suits,sleek double breasted jackets, quilted army green flight jacket, black polka-dotted tie, with herringbone patterned tweed cap, Burberry Signature Navajo-inspired patterns, owl and cat-face bundle-necked knitwear and with fabrics ranging from corduroy to velvet, the collection was an amazing fusion of heritage and contemporary British fashion. The show was rightly named as “The Gentlemen”

4. Roberto Cavalli – Go bold go adventerous and bring out the animal instinct – Yes that is the Style Mantra from Roberto Cavalli for Fall Winter 2012 Menswear.The collection had animal prints from spot to tiger-stripe,bright colors for winter,bold prints, leather moto jackets, stark-white contrast piping, velvet smoking blazer with croc pattern,snake skin belts and shawl collared suit. Indeed a very smart collection which brings out the modern and timeless elegance of men’s fashion.

5. Prada – The military-inspred collection was presented by real A listed actors, which was dramatic,powerful, eccentric , mysterious with a strong element of old-school masculine feel to it. The collection featured long,black overcoat,double breasted red overcoat with a black velvet collar and fur trimmed lapel,high stiff collar on white shirt and wire trimmed sunglasses.All in all the collection featured strong masculine silhouettes and hardlines.

6. Ermenegildo Zegna – Zegna went classic for Fall Winter 2012 with good amount of layering. The collection featured houndstooth ,Glen plaid,Fair Isle suits which were worn under layers of loosely cut capes and jackets. The colors of the collection were in midnight blue,camel and brown with lot of texture.One could also see cotton turtlenecks, plaid-lined denims which were worn with suits and silky tuxedos.The other key items of the collection were carry-ons clad in plaid,large, flat leather messenger bags , duffels and textured gloves.

7. Canali - The collection had a strong feel of The Swinging Sixties.With its sharp Italian tailoring the prints on suits,shirts,pants were inspired from William Morris house of design. The key pieces of the collection were - floral-print shirting, Chesterfield coats, double-breasted houndstooth and Bengal striped pieces with a color palette of browns,tans and rusts.

8. Salvatore Ferragamo – The collection from the House of Salvatore Ferragamo was in neutral tones and the clothes had its own unique sober personality. Massimiliano Giornetti’s collection for Salvatore Ferragamo Men's Fall 2012 was all about elegance. The key pieces of the collection were suits and coats which had sharp tailoring , double breasted blazer, fine mauve and purple striped sweater ,royal blue shirt, polished two-tone dress shoes with equestrian details, double-breasted suit with peak lapels and a burgundy bomber jacket with an oversize knit collar. The fabric varied from velvet,wool,tweeds in salt and pepper to watery silk.The dominant colors of the collection were royal blue,charcoal asphalt, rusts, burgundy, purple, gray and berry tones.The collection is perfect for all you stylish city slicker.

9. Diesel Black Gold - A rocker chic collection. The key pieces of the collection were slick motorcycle jackets, suede bomber jackets,bold red velvet double-breasted suit,zipped suede vests,leather pants,pea-coats,coated knit intarsia,fur coat,thick cable knit jerseys, bravura jacket and knitted sweater in two tone.The collection was dominated by black with surprising dash of colors like deep blue,indigo,grey,burnt orange,navy,denim blue and purple.Orange leather jacket created the ultimate rocking look.

10. DSquared2 – A rebellious collection. I loved the fitted skinny jeans, short leather jackets, ultra sharp coats ,knotted neck scarf ,cropped jackets, Alpine Winter sweaters , gray tuxedos, sweater vests, schoolboy brooches on tweed jackets and oversized sequined sleeve parka. It is always good to keep the rebel in us alive.

11. Gucci - Frida Giannini’s collection for Gucci Menswear Fall 2012 had a strong 60’s feel to it. The collection was romantic, contemporary , elegant and just outstandingly handsome.The main features of the collection were flower prints,jacquards,velvets ,overcoats,trousers which were loose at the hips but goes skinny down the leg and to the ankle,chunky sweater .One can’t miss out on the briefcases with the horn handles,carpetbags ,sunglasses and shoes. Gucci boy for Fall 2012 is ultra chic and creative.

12. Calvin Klein –For me the collection by Italo Zucchelli was a redefination of perfect masculine sportswear. With a color palete of grey,black,navy and camel the collection was a perfect fusion of sportswear,luxury and classic fashion.The sleek collection’s key features were contrast paneling,color blocking, croc print pants,jumpers and jackets. Croc Print Pants – Yes,that is one must have key item for all you stylish men.

 Milan Fashion Week for Fall Winter 2012 was a mirror to what a modern man should be. The collections was a reinterpration of classic fashion with a twist of contemporary touch to it.Inspite of the global economic lull, the Fall Winter 2012 collection was a celebration of positivity in life,celebration of luxury and elegance. Definitely a positive way to kick start the year,

Friday, January 27, 2012

IFB Links la Mode : Check out the best 20 fashion posts of the week!

Making a Connection

Edited by: Fajr Muhammad of Stylish Thought

Can you believe that it’s almost February. Fashion week is right around the corner and that means that the IFB Conference is right upon us. The IFB  Conference has opened so many doors and channels for fashion bloggers to connect and expand their *ahem* influence. Fashion week is another great avenue to network and work with brands, the media and other bloggers. In our fast-paced digital (and fashion) worlds, connection is key.
Check out this week’s Link a la Mode and connect with our 20 selected bloggers. Read their post, comment and build relationships that will last past fashion week and beyond.


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If you would like to submit your link for next week’s Links à la Mode, please register first, then post your links HERE. The HTML code for this week will be found in the Links a la Mode group will be published later today. ~Jennine

Friday, January 20, 2012

A fashion designer's workshop : FACTS & FICTION

Try googling "Fashion deisgner workshop" and the images that you see is exactly how a fashion designer's workshop will NOT look like. The ambiance in the visuals are highly tampered with. They are arranged and customized for photographs. 

A day in a fashion-design student's life:

1. The sound of sewing machine stitching fabric is more pleasant to hear than old faculty yelling at the front table.
2. The smell of muslin overpowers your new CK perfume.
3. You enjoy the heat that a steam iron produces, especially in winters.
4. For at least once in a day, a pin is bound to pierce your nail. You are so used to it that you simply wipe it off a muslin. First timers give TT injection a thought though!
5. A designer's workshop is more like a dustbin. You have fabric strips, pattern making papers, pencils, measuring tape and a lot more hazardous stuff including scissors and pins lying all around (Underage kids are strictly prohibited from entering a designer's workshop).
6. Body forms! They always tend to stand in your way. Some of you might also constantly punch and poke  your body form (with pins) to take out your frustration.
7. "Hey! Can I borrow your scissor?" And mind you, you are never getting them back! As is the case with the endless pile of stationery you end up buying and eventually losing.
8. All your hand bags and mobile phones lie on the pattern making table. Heaven for Kleptomaniacs!
9. They style tape you put on the body form 2 months ago, still lies there... untouched.
10. The bulletin board is filled with patterns, inspirational visuals and out dated trend-boards.
11. Even if the world is about to end, all you do is religiously drape your garment.
12. Boys, you are a minority here, girls outnumber you. Go feminism!!
13. MUSIC. Head phones. A good playlist. You need it to survive all that is mentioned above.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Summer 2012, A Season of Commitment 

Faced with multiple "crises" of all types and of all times – social, economic, ecological. The human being has always had the formidable capacity of resisting, on one hand, and committing, on the other. Commitment is a marvelous force, rooted in the deepest part of the self, where conviction and our sense of responsibility draw upon the strengths and legitimacy of belonging to a group. Summer 2012 is a season under the sign of Commitment, as four themes illustrate this positive movement of individual and collective involvement.


GENESIS - The Naturalist Visionaries The enormous focus on ecology is inciting designers of objects and garments alike to address the importance and richness of the organic world. A creative orientation that invites us to re-discover the foundations of Naturalism.

ITINERANCE - The Humanitarian Artisans Today’s economic crisis is generating an overall increase in the insecurity of humans, which in turn, engages designers to create innovative products taking into account the limited resources of peoples in difficulty. Itinerance explores humanitarian design as it strives to maximise the limited capacities for economic and stylistic adaptation inspired by nomadic lifestyles.

  POLYCHROMY - The Colour Expressionists The public’s enthusiasm for cutting-edge developments in vision and perception (LED technology, 3-D imagery, heat-sensitive materials, etc.) is urging fashion and interior designers to develop new, increasingly high-impact visual principles.

OXYGEN - The Emotional Purists The growing awareness of the world in light of the multiplication of health threats is stimulating the design of reassuring objects that may also contribute to improving the overall health of users. Oxygen explores the notions of purity and well-being that are giving rise to a trend for design that is simultaneously romantic and clinical.

A spread of pastels associated with two, very soft naturals. A desire to accumulate and collect moments of innocence - like we might compose a wardrobe of wild and crazy layers in candid shades of colours. Baby blue and pink break free of their stereotypes!



The season that is being forwarded by naturalism has witnessed plenty of surface treatment in the forms of prints, laser cut work, applique, shine, shimmer and glitz. 

Key concept in prints were graphic, nature inspired animal, fruits and floral, paisley and graphic. While florals were seen at every third show this season, the ones seen at Christopher Kane, Giambattista Valli and Prada stood out in distinction. Animal prints were seen at Carolina Herrera and Manish Arora. Nature inspired paisley decorated the fabrics at Stella McCartney, Haider Ackermann, Jil Sander and JW Anderson. Mary Katrantzou's show was in fact a colourful riot of animal and aquatic inspired prints.

1. Parrots at Carolina Herrera
2. Florals at Chloe
3. Delicous fruits and vegetables at Dolce & Gabbana
4. Donna Karan's tribe
5. Graphic prints at Yves Saint Laurent
6. Paisley motifs seen at Haider Ackermann, Jil Sander, JW Anderson and Stella McCartney.

Fashion designers chose to deliciously decorate the surface using applique work. Applique surface details were seen in many shows this season including those of Christopher Kane, Dolce & Gabbana, Nicole Farhi, Prada and Valentino.

Pristine white cottons were laser cut keeping everything minimalistic yet highly interesting.

The models at Chanel, Manish Arora, Chanel, Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs, MaxMara and Reed Krakoff were adorned in shine and shimmer.


Spring/Summer 2012 has predominantly witnessed inspiration from various decades of the 20th century. Silhouettes from the 20s art-deco and 50s dominated the ramps. Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci pioneered in exposing the mid-riff like never before. Moving ahead from the lady-like dressing, sports inspired chic look has emerged as one of the biggest trends this season.

50S INSPIRED: Phoebe Philo's peplums and Dries Van Noten's sculptural silhouettes were clearly recalling the 1950s fashion era. 50s silhouettes were seen at likes of Gareth Pugh, Burberry, Carven, Donna Karan, Rick Owens and Meadham Kirchhkoff.

ART DECO: Electric form of elegant and stylish modernism flourished at Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Prada, Marchesa and Ralph Lauren.

FLASH THE ABS: Mid riffs exposed at Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Prada, Christopher Kane, Versace etc.

SPORTSTAR: Outerwear with a sporty spin!

Story board images: PROMOSTYL
Runway images: VOGUE.CO.UK